Frill Linen Towel Pearl Grey


Our towel is made of soft 100% linen and finished with 10 cm raffle with raw edge, so it can be an interesting decorative element of your bathroom.

Pure, natural linen quickly absorbs moisture and will take a great care of your skin. Linen possesses antibacterial properties and linen towels are environmental friendly and durable. It also is the perfect choice for people suffering from skin problems. Linen towels are lightweight, occupy very little space and dry much quicker than cotton towels, making them ideal for travel, swimming, sauna or sunbathing.

If you are a fan of fluffy towels, this product certainly isn’t for you. By using linen towel you will give your skin a gentle massage.

During the first wash you may notice excess of lint. This is a completely natural effect of flax softening, which will cease after few washes. We recommend to wash your towels more often to begin with.

Towel has a loop for easy hanging, sawn in the inner side in the right upper corner.

Care: washing temperature 40 degrees; wash in a mild detergent, do not bleach; does not require ironing, but if desired, iron inside out.


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