Grey Frost Linen Bedspread


Our bedspread is made of 100% soft European flax,from one piece of fabric with a wide backing. Natural, pure linen is the best choice for bed linen. The properties of this miraculous fabric have a positive effect on the quality of sleep, and make your bedroom even more friendly environment. Linen is an airy fabric which allows your skin to breathe. It has cooling properties in the hot weather, but retains heat in the cold weather. Linen products have anti-static properties, so they do not attract dust. The cultivation of flax does not require the use of pesticides, and the products made of it are completely biodegradable. The ideal solution for people suffering from skin problems and for children. The fabric that will complement every interior with its noble and timeless beauty.

Softened flax may initially cause delicate "dusting" of the fabric which is a natural result of this process and will disappear after few washes.

Composition: 100 % softened linen

Size: 205x230 cm

Care: washing temperature 40 degrees; wash in a mild detergent, do not bleach; the bedspread does not require ironing, but if desired, iron inside out.


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