Hazelnut Linen Fitted Sheet


Enjoy a deep and healthy sleep in our Nature Bed linen bedding. Give your bedroom a unique nonchalant look. The quilt cover is made of 100% European linen. The soft and delicate fabric will allow you to enjoy a deep sleep. It`s amazing thermoregulatory properties will ensure a feeling of comfort at any time of the year. Linen has a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect. In addition, it does not accumulate electrostatic charges. It has a positive effect on our bodies and does not cause allergic reactions. Softened linen may initially cause a gentle "dusting" of the fabric, which usually disappears after the first wash. The fascinating feature of linen bedding is that it becomes more beautiful and nobler after each subsequent wash.

Composition: 100% European linen

Sizes: 80/200/23 cm, 90/200/23 cm, 160/200/23 cm, 180/200/23 cm (We recommend checking the size of quilts before buying.)

Care: washing temperature 40 degrees; wash in a mild detergent, do not bleach; does not require ironing, but if desired, iron inside out.


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